Modern Hysteroscopy Training Courses

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About Modern Hysteroscopy Training Courses

Training in hysteroscopy is difficult & challenging. The learning curve is bigger than laparoscopy for various reasons.

Hysteroscopy is routinely not been taught in teaching hospitals. Also,every gynaecologist knows that uterine cavity is an potential space with a volume of approximately of 10‐12 cc. It is difficult to maintain distension of the cavity & operate (due to communication thro tubes with peritoneal cavity & also leakage from cervix). To keep in mind with distension the thickness of uterine wall is reduced by 50%.The Preceptor [trainer] can't hold your hand while the student is operating on patient. Hence a graded, systematic–approach is required for teaching as well as learning hysteroscopy.

We in our centre have devised various uterine models wherein the candidates perform innumerable exercises which help them in acquiring & sharpening skills.

Course features:

  • Extensive Hands on Training on uterine models & animal organs
  • Live surgeries
  • Practical training [Tips & Tricks of Hysteroscopy]
  • Individual attention as only 6 candidates will be taken

Course Objectives

At the end of the course each candidate should be able to

  • Perform technically correct, safe & good diagnostic hysteroscopy
  • Perform technically correct, safe & good hysteroscopy with “No Touch Technique-Vaginoscopy”
  • Handle mechanical instruments correctly, effectively & ergonomically
  • Handle Resectoscope including coaxial 5fr.electrodes correctly, effectively & ergonomically
  • Understand basics of Electrosurgery in the uterus
  • Effectively set up an “Hysteroscopy Unit”
  • Understand “Do's & Don'ts” in hysteroscopy

Our teaching is based on TOAFL Model

[Target oriented, Organised, Assessment, Feedback Learning.]

Basic‐Essential skills:
  • Navigation with 30 degree hysteroscope, correct entry techniques, scientific method of using mechanical instruments
Mechanical Hysteroscopy:
  • On “PUNE HYSTEROSCOPY MODEL” wherein the trainee learns to proper use of distension media, removal of gas bubbles, excision of polyp, myoma & incision of septum.
Advanced Hysteroscopy:
  • Roller ball ablation, resection are taught on animal organs with resectoscope. Also the trainee is taught to use 5fr. coaxial electrodes.


This uterine model is devised by Dr. Mahajan Vinayak from an indigenous material. It is effective, inexpensive & gives effect like an real time virtual simulator. It has multiple pathologies like Intrauterine septum, polyp, submucous myoma & needs to be distended with fluid. Only mechanical instruments can be used. Bleeding can be seen after cutting the tissue & which itself gives a REAL effect.

Dr. Vinayak Mahajan & Dr. Sangeeta Mahajan developed the passion for hysteroscopy & in order to pursue the passion went to stalwarts of hysteroscopy & achieved training from them.

Dr. Lotte Clevin, Dr. Steffani Bettocchi, Dr. Rudi Compo, Dr. Philip, Dr. Martin Farrugia, Dr. Justin Clarke are the masters from whom they acquired & sharpen the skills.